Make the process seamlessly easy
Stop “chasing” referents
Provide accurate and valuable feedback
Speedup recruitment process
Make your references portable between different CV sites!
Provide instant value for next employer
Be more transparent
Collect together all the references!
Become more attractive for the employer!

What We Do?

  • Collect the references
  • Store them in safe place
  • Provide them to your next employer
  • Using best industry practice
  • Seamles and easy process
  • Professional Researches

Why use it?

When you are hiring proper background check is essential. EvalYou allows to save time by providing information instantly.

  • It’s hard to catch people providing references
  • Previous references are losing value and content overtime
  • Previous employer doesn’t want to give references, being afraid of “too many calls”
  • Adding references to all your online CVs is now easy!
  • You want to make your CV more credible and look more transparent for future employer

What's New?

Tue, Mar 29
First final Difference Engine presentation is taking place in Newcastle today. Gonna be a great day!
Mon, Mar 21
Preparing for the beta. Now also you can request access to our beta on our page.